This is a podcast about people and horses. Each episode, we tell a true story that connects to horses, horse people, or the horse business.

When you put people and horses in the same place, there are always going to be great stories to be told. There are backstories that tell how things happened, stories from the past that help us to understand the present, and of course stories that will make you laugh, or cry, or just say wow.

Landscapes, material traces, history beneath my feet, horses and humans living and working together: When I look at these things now, I also see them in the past. They layer, mingle, and blend together.

Personally, I like stories that are somehow new to me. Either I’ve never heard them before, or maybe never heard them like this before. I even like scary stories sometimes, simply because they challenge me to be brave. Put simply, I love a rippin’ yarn, and if you do too I hope you’ll enjoy what we put together for you here.

Each episode, we are going to share a story with you that starts as far back as it needs to, and goes on however long it needs to go on, including all of the details, the explanations, the side stories, and the extra context. Some of these will be fairly short, between forty minutes and an hour per episode, but if the story turns out to be longer we won’t cut it short to fit the format. We’re going to tell the Whole Story.

We hope to get you at least one episode a month, for now. If you don’t want to miss any of our great stories, be sure to subscribe to the podcast through your favorite podcatcher, or ask to be added to our email list and we will let you know each time we put out a new episode.

In any case, if you want to have a sense of what these stories are going to be like, listen to our first episode and have a little wander around inside my mind.

The support of many people was needed to make this happen:
Ricky Bloxsom, Visual Design and Website Development
Brian Hotaling, Episode Development, Voice
Lanin’s Southern Serenaders, “Shake It and Break It”, Antique Phonograph Recording
Beth Linnetz, Quality Review
Christian Gundermann, Show Notes
Mary Falardeau, a Key Contribution Early On
Chris Heinen, a Key Contribution in the Middle There
Dave Jackson, a Key Contribution at the Eleventh Hour
The Best Content Critique Team and Cheering Squad Ever:
Ali Bloxsom
Anna Bloxsom
Ralph Elwell
Poosie Nemec
Karen Sebach
Amanda Winer
Julia Zetye
Ray Zetye